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Elastomeric Coatings2019-03-20T13:01:11-04:00



Richard's Paint - Elastomeric Coatings

Getting ready to start your next paint job? Richard’s Paint has a vast selection of paints and coatings for nearly every kind of household project.

Our elastomeric coating can provide a waterproof finish on cementitious surfaces and is valuable for exterior use where the property is subject to wet conditions. Elastomeric paints are approximately 10 times thicker than regular household paints and can stretch 150-400% more for significantly improved durability. Our unique formulation is designed to provide maximum protection from wind driven rains up to 100 miles an hour, while it’s permeable film build bridges hairline cracking and allows moisture vapors from within the structure to evaporate, or escape out through its membrane. This kind of protection is essential for property owners in tropical climates where there is abundant rainfall and humidity.

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