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When deciding what color to paint your entryway, remember that this is your first opportunity to greet your guests and show off the style of your home. Think about how you want to greet them, as well as how you want to feel walking into your own home. You can immediately set the mood for any arrival, so it’s no small choice.

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On the other hand, the entryway of your home is practical and is met with plenty of traffic, so choosing a strong, washable paint for this area is a good idea. Choose from elegant neutrals or bold colors to greet your guests – each has its perks. Neutrals can offer a warm welcome, especially when paired well with a trim and accent pieces in the area. Bold colors, however, can be unforgettable. Darker colors can define smaller areas and hide imperfections like dirt, as well as handle any messy children or pets easier than lighter colors. For a sophisticated look, contrast a clean white entryway with a sleek black door (this particular combination also shows a reported increase in the perception of your property value when applied to the exterior).

Add definition to your space by painting the door a darker color. Accent tables and chairs are another great way to show some style if space allows. Smaller spaces can be tricky, so make sure to view your entryway from every angle and examine the lighting before finalizing your color palette.

You can even find inspiration in the area right outside your door. Take some colors from the landscape around you. Pick a few options you like and test them out. The changing light may reveal a superior color for that area.

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