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Create an Inviting Space Your Family Will Love

Your home office isn’t something to forget about when it comes to picking paint colors! Certain colors can change your mood and even affect how you work, so choosing the right color for what you want to accomplish is important. Turn to blues to induce calm or clear thinking, yellow for inspiration and creativity, reds for energy and stimulation, or greens for a sense of balance.

For a clean look, build a minimalist workspace around bright white walls. White can be the base of a cheerful office complete with flowers and pops of color, or a contemporary space with steely accents and industrial-chic textures. Curate a combination of colors that helps you focus and promotes happiness. With white walls, these colors can easily be changed to transform your office time and time again.

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Not interested in neutrals? Don’t worry, bold browns and deeper colors might be the best option to help you stay on track. You can lighten up the room with some artwork or furniture as your heart desires. Choose a powerful orange or red to get your creativity flowing, or go nautical with a deep sapphire and clean white linens.

Productivity is important, but sometimes you might need more balance and peace in your office. Light colors set a soothing tone. Sky blues and light purples can be a perfect way to achieve this feeling and even relieve some built up stress. Opt for sage greens and soft neutrals to create a feeling of serenity and groundedness.

Pastel backdrops like yellows and pinks can create an airy feeling of inspiration in this room. Don’t forget to surround yourself with things that motivate and inspire you – books and artwork can aid your creative process when you need to refresh your workflow.

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