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Exterior Paint

and Coatings

Signature Exterior Acrylic FlatThe color of your home can make a notable first impression. Tell the right story by changing your paint to reflect the identity you want to be broadcasting. The psychological impact of paint doesn’t just apply to guests and neighbors – it affects you every time you come home, and sets the tone for your perception of your own sacred space. Whether you want to inspire a specific state of mind or channel color palettes from an exotic vacation destination, you can easily modify the appearance of your home with the right paint.

We offer a wide variety of paints to help you achieve your goals for every design project. Our exterior paints are composed of premium pigments and our production team oversees each step of the manufacturing process to guarantee quality and consistency in every product. Our paints are designed to resist mildew, abrasion, temperature fluctuation, chipping, and sun exposure for low-maintenance results that will last and impress.

You may want to determine the best color of paint from the design of your home. Whether you are going for a bright modern look or a romantic European style, we have a selection of colors and textures to fulfill any project. Browse our inspiration section or speak with a team member for help putting together your decorative vision!

Richard’s Paint is a lead authority in the premium paint industry. Our products are regulated and approved by the USDA for safety. We use high-quality pigments and ingredients to guarantee superior results that will last. Discover our 100% Acrylic Flat House Paint and other products for your next painting project!