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Premium Trim & Deck House Enamel2022-12-30T21:49:59-05:00


Trim & Deck House Enamel

Richard’s Premium Trim & Deck House Enamel is a traditional alkyd semi-gloss enamel – a favorite of seasoned painters.

This premium quality oil base enamel provides long lasting toughness and resistance to impact, scratching, and common household cleaning chemicals.

Painters favor this enamel finish for its easy application, its flow and leveling and resistance to sagging.

An excellent choice for both interior and exterior metal surfaces.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Applies Easily
  • Resists Sagging
  • Very Good Flow & Leveling
  • Abrasion & Mar Resistant
  • Excellent Coverage

4009 Deck Gray

4010 Battleship Gray

4006 Walnut Brown

4007 Country Redwood

4008 Charleston Green

Premium Trim & Deck House Enamel

Premium Trim & Deck House Enamel

Semi-Gloss Finish