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56 Signature Waterborne Epoxy Ester Bonding Primer Clear2022-12-30T22:25:43-05:00

Signature Primer

Waterborne Epoxy Ester Primer

A premium performing surface sealer/conditioner formulated using highly effective water dispersed epoxy-ester resins.

Designed for application to previously painted substrates that have a medium to heavy chalk residue or dust after it has been properly pressure washed.

Penetrates chalky surface areas, wets and binds loose residual chalk, and seals the surface, providing a sound stable surface for finish coats.

Great for interior & exterior use on new or previously painted masonry, stucco, plaster, concrete block, brick, poured concrete, wood siding, trim, and fencing.

  • Penetrates & Seals Chalky Surfaces
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Fast Drying
  • Tintable
  • Waterbase Epoxy Ester Clear

56 Signature Waterborne Epoxy Ester Bonding Primer Clear