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99 Rich Wood Interior Varnish Sanding Sealer2023-01-03T12:13:22-05:00

Rich Wood

Quick Dry Sanding Sealer

A quick-dry clear sanding sealer designed to penetrate and seal the wood substrate before the application of conventional alkyd varnishes.

Formulated from quality synthetic alkyd resins, it promotes a superior sanding property that allows for a smooth varnish finish coat application.

It is fast drying and provides excellent durability as an intermediate varnish coating.

Meets MPI Standard #102 of the Master Painters Institute approved products list.

For interior use.

  • Excellent Flow & Leveling
  • Sands Easily
  • Fast Drying
  • Penetrates & Seals
  • Dries Clear
  • Excellent Durability

Not for use under Polyurethane Varnish.

Wood Interior Varnish Sanding Sealer

99 Rich Wood Interior Varnish Sanding Sealer