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C500 Seal-Flex 500 Lifetime Acrylic Urethane Caulk2023-01-03T13:04:56-05:00

Seal-Flex 500

Acrylic Urethane Caulk

A one (1) component high-performance urethane modified acrylic sealant that can be used on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, delivering excellent adhesion and durability.

Its advanced urethane/acrylic formulation forms an airtight, water-resistant seal, reduces dirt pickup, eliminates yellowing and shiners, and provides an 800% elongation factor.

Internally plasticized resin requires no mixing or priming and promotes excellent adhesion properties to most substrates, such as masonry, wood, metal, etc.

Once cured, the bead is mildew resistant, is safe for UV exposure, and will not discolor.

For interior or exterior use.

  • Urethane Acrylic
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Paintable
  • Elastomeric Properties
  • Flexible & Airtight Seal
  • Water & Mildew Resistant
  • Easy to Apply and Tool

C500 Seal-Flex 500 Lifetime Acrylic Urethane Caulk

Richard's Paint - Industrial Coatings

Richard’s Paint is your source for paints and coatings for nearly every kind of housing project. In addition to our variety of paints and other coatings, we also offer several caulks and patching products.

Our quality general purpose builder’s caulk is formulated for use on a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces while delivering superior adhesion and durability. It forms a flexible, durable, airtight, water resistant seal that provides exceptional protection from environmental conditions. It can be used to seal cracks, joints, and seams around windows, trim, doors, ceilings, drywall, siding, air conditioning vents and ducts, and is functional on a variety of substrate types such as masonry, glass, metal and wood. Our caulks are paintable, easy to apply, and are easy to clean with soap and water.

We offer patching compounds formulated for the permanent repair of interior and exterior cementitious substrates such as stucco and masonry cracks and surface damage. Our patching compounds provide long term durability, maximum resistance to wind driven rain, and they are mildew resistant. They are easy to apply and provide excellent adhesion for application to a variety of common construction materials, while maintaining maximum flexibility and elasticity with minimal shrinkage. These patching compounds are great for both interior & exterior use.

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients that are made to deliver results and endure over time. Ready to begin but not sure what products are right for your project? Our expert team has the insight to help and can guide you through choosing the right materials for your unique circumstances to guarantee the results you want. Call or visit Richard’s Paint today to get started!