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Painter’s Pride Interior/Exterior Alkyd Enamels2022-12-30T21:23:10-05:00

Painter's Pride

Interior/Exterior Alkyd Enamels

Alkyd enamels formulated for the professional painter.

Painter’s Pride alkyd finishes use time-tested oil base paint technology that’s well recognized for its lasting durability.  For use on cabinets, doors, hand rails, and other high touch surfaces.

  • Goes on Smoothly
  • Flows and Levels
  • Hard Enamel Finish
  • Resists Abrasion, Impact, Cleaners & Chemicals
  • Available in Flat & Semi-Gloss

5-7500 Painter’s Pride Alkyd Enamel

Flat Finish

5-777 Painter’s Pride Alkyd Enamel

Semi-Gloss Finish