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RichTex Knockdown Interior Acrylic Texture Coating2022-12-30T21:21:22-05:00


Acrylic Knockdown Texture Coating

RichTex Acrylic Knockdown Texture Finishes provide high performance multi-texture finishing options for any interior wall or ceiling surface.  

Add new dimensions of interest and energy with this high build coating.  Easily achieve orange peel and knock-down effects in a wide variety of colors. 

Applicators can control the overall appearance to achieve a fine, medium or large spatter. Additional creative effects can be achieved by varying knock down techniques and color combinations.

RichTex is made with a highly durable 100% acrylic resin that resists damage from impact, marring and scraping walls.  

The RichTex system provides 4 to 8 times the normal coating thickness of a typical wall paint, which hides surface imperfections wears extremely well in high traffic areas. 

Ideal for use in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, and other high traffic applications. Substrates may include drywall, plaster, wood, concrete, and a variety of other primed surfaces.

  • Highly Durable
  • Mildew Resistant
  • 100% Acrylic Formula
  • Hides Surface Defects
  • Soap & Water Clean-Up
  • Available in Flat & Satin

330 RichTex
Acrylic Knockdown Texture

Flat Finish

340 RichTex
Acrylic Knockdown Texture

Satin Finish