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Solving Sagging Problems2021-05-17T09:20:31-04:00




Downward “drooping” movement of the paint film immediately after application, resulting in an uneven coating.


  • Application of a heavy coat of paint.
  • Application in excessively humid and/or cool conditions.
  • Application of overthinned paint.
  • Airless spraying with the gun too close to the substrate being painted.


  • If the paint is still wet, immediately brush out or re-roll to redistribute the excess evenly.
  • If the paint has dried, sand, and reapply a new coat of top quality paint.
  • Correct any unfavorable conditions: Do not thin the paint; avoid cool or humid conditions; sand glossy surfaces.
  • Paint should be applied at its recommended spread rate; avoid “heaping on” the paint.
  • Two coats of paint at the recommended spread rate are better than one heavy coat, which can also lead to sagging.
  • Consider removing doors to paint them supported horizontally.

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: Images & information provided by The Rohm & Hass Paint Quality Institute.