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Increase in gloss or sheen of paint film when subjected to rubbing, scrubbing or having an object brush up against it.


  • Use of flat paint in highly trafficked areas, where a higher sheen level would be desirable.
  • Frequent washing and spot cleaning.
  • Objects (furniture, for example) rubbing against the walls.
  • Use of lower grades of paint with poor stain and scrub resistance (see Poor Stain Resistance and Poor Scrub Resistance).


  • Paint heavy wear areas that require regular cleaning (e.g., doors, window sills and trim) with a top quality latex paint, because this type of paint offers both durability and easier cleaning capability.
  • In high traffic areas, choose a semigloss or gloss rather than a flat sheen level.
  • Clean painted surfaces with a soft cloth or sponge and non-abrasive cleansers; rinse with clean water.

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: Images & information provided by The Rohm & Hass Paint Quality Institute.